Cnoc Raithní

This is one of the Aran Islands most noted prehistoric monastic sites and it’s location is handily close to where the ferry enters the island. This is a stone mound named Cnoc Raithní and at a glance does not capture your imagination and one would may well miss it if not looking for it. However, it is a very significant site for the Aran Islands.  A storm in 1885 uncovered the stone mound, which had previously been covered with sand. The mound was later discovered to be an ancient burial ground and important artefacts of a bronze pin and jars containing cremated human bone were found. The remains have been dated at 1500BC.


The Aran Islands are  located in the center of the Wild Atlantic Way. It is Accessible from Rossavel (Connemara & Galway). The Aran Islands are also accessible from Doolin which is close to the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare.

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