It is that time of the year after the storms when the local farmers start to collect the seaweed for their fields . Looking at this abundant resource that nature provides one is constantly amazed by the painterly richness, color, tones, and textures. Through the decades Aran has inspired many visual artists to create a great diversity of work. To capture the REAL Aran one really needs to spend more than a day to discover the subtle differences between wall styles and the constant play of light. Looking at the body of work created by the Victorian photographer Jane Shackleton on the Aran Islands one realizes that not that much has changed




For more about Jane Shackleton’s photographs see Jane W. Shackleton’s Ireland


On Aran that sense of beauty is evident due to the ongoing management of fields, walls, etc by those who live here and continue to preserve those traditions. For those of you planning your first visit or returning on your annual pilgrimage it is worth remembering one night is not enough.

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The Aran Islands are  located in the center of the Wild Atlantic Way. It is Accessible from Rossavel (Connemara & Galway). The Aran Islands are also accessible from Doolin which is close to the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare.

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